Weight-loss: When the Scale Doesn’t Move – Investigate

lnfs_scale2This is my third week into a healthier me and I am incensed about the scale remaining stagnant.  I thought for sure since I stopped eating all my favorite junk foods and tossed out the soda; some of the weight would melt away.  I even started eating fish, more veggies and fruits.  All I drink is water and diet teas.  Yet, the scale has not changed one iota. The last time I attempted weight-loss  I was dropping the pounds.  My first week I think I dropped 8 pounds.  The second around 4 or 5.  In my fourth week, I was  at a 20 pound weight loss.  What is more crazy is while I did remove a lot of the unhealthy foods, I found “healthier junk food”.  For instance,  my favorites were veggies chips I found at Sprouts ,Weight Watchers English Toffee Crunch Ice Cream Bars, and Sun Chips Garden Salsa. I drank diet Mountain dew, Coke Zero, and Lipton Lemon-Lift Tea with Splenda.  In addition, while I did give-up fried foods, I still ate lean red meat and the occasional steak.  I am a meat and potatoes type of girl, so this life-style was still right up my alley.

But thinking back, I was exercising at an extreme pace.  I was going to the gym two times a day. Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I rode my bike and I did dance aerobics at home.  I was also lifting weights three times a week.  This lasted for six months until I got sick.  I think I stayed sick so long because I pushed myself to the extreme. When I recovered, I didn’t really get back into the swing of things. Back then, I did change my life style but not my mind-set.  I didn’t realize it them but as they say hindsight is 20 20.

This time around, while I have built on the life style change, I have a mind-set change. I am starting to think in healthier terms.  I don’t even consider looking for healthier junk food.  True healthy foods are delicious if you give them a chance.  I have fallen back in love with fruits and veggies.  It is almost as if my taste-buds have changed because I never knew how good fruit and veggies could be.  This is not to say I still don’t have a sweet tooth. Far from it so yogurts, and sweet fruits fill the need. As far as my workout regime,  I have more rest days to allow my body to recover. I only go to the gym once a day for cardio and then twice a day on strength days.  I only go twice on strength days because I go to the gym with hubby to support him. He doesn’t work out as much as I do yet.

Comparing the two weight loss attempts, I feel healthier  now and I know I am stronger this time. The calories I am burning in a 65 minute cardio session is nothing like I have ever done before. At week 3, I am burning more calories in a shorter amount of time then what I did at 6 months last time  This is shocking to say the least, but I am listening to my body and getting into my rhythm.  I am enjoying doing my cardio so much (with my favorite tunes) it is almost as if I am dancing while working out.  Sure, I get people starting at me.  I image they may be staring because I am big, or they wonder how can a big girl  can go at that pace for 60 mins, or maybe that they think, damn she sure is singing and having a good time working out.  No, I am not singing out loud.  (At least I hope not).  I just ignore them and keeping on working out.

So the question is why do I still care about what the scale reads if I am progressing on the path to a healthier me and  I feeling better and stronger?  The answer; because I am a results person and I want to see results.  This is still my internal battle. Unfortunately I am still holding on to the belief that the scale is the most accurate and revealing measurement for weight loss.  Of course, I know I am wrong, but the heart wants what the heart wants.  I am trying to change this train of thought but change takes time and I am still a work in progress.

I do believe I have found the root cause of my failure to remove the pounds.  I am not eating enough, which is insane.  I have meditated on what I have been doing and reviewing my food logs and noticed; I just don’t eat enough to balance the calories I burn and it is hindering my weight-loss.  I am burning roughly over  3750 calories a week. This means I should be eating over 1900 calories, 200 carbs, 45 fat, and 60 a day.  I was only average approximately 1700 calories, low carbs, and high fat.  After my analysis,  I made the appropriate changes then low and behold, the scale finally changed.  Granted, it wasn’t a significant change, but I am ok with that. I just wanted to see progress on the scale.  No weight-loss just drives me crazy.

Reflecting on my weight-loss last time and how I did it, I guess I had one thing half right, eating.  I was eating enough to balance out my extreme work-out regimen.  I never considered the method successful because I didn’t give up all of my junk food, I just found alternatives.   In fairness,  I will note, this time although the weight is not melting away like butter, I do see changes in my body.  My mid-section is getting smaller and my caboose (as my husband call it) is getting shorter.  My clothes are fitting and some are too big. My energy has definitely increased. I think even my hair is healthier.  At least to me it seems to shine and be more curlier.

The start of my week four is coming up tomorrow and I am excited to be on the right path to a healthier me.  Now all I have to do is stop getting on that darn scale, trust the process and the improves in my health and body.  That of course is the end-game, not just weight-loss.

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Nikita: Alex is easily manipulated by Amanda

NIK-new-fb-311_114727-7f24ff-188x188alexAfter watching the latest episode of Nikita, The Life We’ve Chosen,  I have a feeling the bond between Nikita and Alex is breaking.  Amanda knew exactly how to plant the seed in Alex’s head ; Nikita’s goals are not her own and everything they do is Nikita’s win.  Amanda didn’t even have to lay a finger on Alex, all she had to do whisper doubt into her ear.  That along with Alex befriending another captive who daughter idolized Alexandra Udinov, and it was all she wrote.

This is so frustrating because Nikita didn’t force Alex to choose Division. Alex chose to stay to fight for something she too believe in.  Sean is the one pulling Alex away because he fears for her and he doesn’t trust Division, and more specifically Nikita. I don’t think he ever did, he is just supporting Alex.  As this story unfolds, I see Sean winning more ground in his quest to get Alex to walk away.

Last week, everything clicked for me regarding the Amanda and Nikita relationship. Amanda, in her own sick twisted way, loved Nikita. We almost got a glimpse into Amanda’s past but it is clear Amanda is broken hearted that Nikita changed and left the nest.  I think deep down Nikita both loves and hates Amanda.  Nikita is certainly a strange one, assassin with a heart of gold who fiercely loves her people.  Unfortunately, she is headed for heart break with Alex and Ryan (Who is becoming more like Percy).

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When your imaginary Safety Net Fails: Time for a change.

07_SafetyNet_cartoonWhen you think that you have a secure and safe place to live, work and play, you don’t think twice about it; until tragedy strikes.  I always thought because I went to the gym at work and there were monitored cameras and security on site 24 hours, I would be safe and if something happens there is a emergency protocol in place.  Well to my horror, that is not always the case. I am even starting to question is it ever?

Sometimes I go to the gym late Saturday night to workout. I thought that was perfectly fine because I  swipe my badge, key in my code and the door opens.  In the background,  my picture shows up on the computer to identify who I am, in addition, I walk past security.  My husband was not concerned with me going alone because of the aforementioned  “security checkpoints”.   One incident shattered this safety bubbling we were living in. Last night, we both went to the gym,  when I went to sign in I noticed someone’s personal items.  Purse, laptop, binder, jacket, and gym shoes.  I automatically assume she was in the restroom but thought it odd she would leave her purse in plain view.  About a minute later me and my husband noticed a woman lying on the gym floor.  We just stared for maybe 30 seconds and then he asked her was she alright. She was unresponsive.   He asked her again, “Are you alright”, nothing.  She did turn-over and wiped something from her mouth.  Immediately we determined she was having a medical emergency.  My husband went to go get some help from Security and I took a look at when she signed the roaster.  I freaked, she signed in two hours before we arrived. When my husband came back with security I was taken aback because the guy just didn’t exhibit of a sense of urgency.  He then said he saw her lying there and thought she was taking a nap.  I thought, taking a nap on the nasty gym floor.  The security guard asked her was she alright, no response. It was as if she couldn’t respond or couldn’t hear him.  He left to call for help and we sat down to wait for police and the EMTs. It seemed like the longest night of my life as I watched her to make sure there was some sort of movement. Thankfully, help arrived in less than 20 minutes.  The police come first so they immediately started asking questions and they also asked her was she ok. No response but she did roll over again.

The security officer seemed oblivious to what was happening so the police started looking to us for answers.  I found her badge and freaked again because I recognized the name.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find any emergency contact information for her.  I had always assumed since that is part of our employment records security would have the information. Well, if they did, that security officer didn’t know how to get it.  When the EMTS arrived, they had the same questions, and asked her was she ok, no response.  The entire scene was horrifying and not knowing what was happening to her was simply terrifying to me, but what about her.

What really scares me is the fact she may have been lying there in her soiled clothes and on the soiled floor for over two hours.  If she had a heart attack or stroke, time is of the essence. What is even more frightening is I am usually the only one who goes to the gym that late so What IF we skipped going to the gym that night. How long would she have suffered alone hoping for help.  I don’t know what happened to her; I am going to have to find out later.  What is shocking is sometimes I go to the gym alone and workout, how long would I have laid there until my husband looked for me.  What is unsettling is  I know for sure the security guy would have thought I was taking a nap.
saftey net

Because of this incident, I will not be working out alone. I have changed the way my smart phone operates so that if I am in an emergency, I may be able to use my phone to get help.  I have also started looking into easier ways to identify my emergency contact.  I have to look at all aspects of my life to see where security and safety improvements can be made.  Unfortunately in this day and age you cannot depend on any systems to keep you safe and secure, you have take your own precautions.


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