Romance author


Teeha began her literary career at an early age. As a child, she began writing poetry before transitioning to writing fictional novels. As an adult, she went public with her novels and debuted her first book in the Romance series; This Love is Real, on Kindle Vella under her penname, Tmh.Writer.

Since publishing This Love is Real, Teeha has published an additional twelve books and released five new Kindle Vella Series: Stranger in the Mirror, Ed Jones Chronicles; This Love is Real Origins Book 2; One Like no Other; and Thinking About Your Love. With each release, Teeha grows in popularity yet remains humble and excited to interact with her fans on various social media platforms.

Besides fulfilling her lifelong dream of writing, Teeha uses her analytical and creative skills to solve IT problems for a well-known retailer. She has worked in IT for over two decades and holds advanced business and information systems degrees.

Teeha currently resides in Dublin, CA, with her husband of 21 years.


For interviews and other bookings, contact info@tmhwriter.com.