Ending Rewrite to Another Sad Love Song

When I finished reading Another Sad Love Song by LaJill Hunt I was a little shell shocked.  I just felt she skipped over some juicy details that her audience might have appreciated.

So, I decided to fill my void and write an alternative ending, No offense, Ms. Hunt!  Also, can we get a Sequel???

Another Sad Love Song – Alternative Ending

Story takes place between the wedding at the hotel and the birth of the baby boy..

“So JaKoby, are you ok? I know that you had planned to marry her.”

“Well to be honest, I am relived.”

“Why JaKoby?”

“Because I did not love her the way a man should love his wife.”

“Why would you ask her to marry you?” Her eyes started to tear; she hated to think that the man she still love, the father of her baby girl, would marry another woman.

“Chrys, I need to explain to you everything that happened. That is the only way I will be able to get you to understand.”

Chrys looked at him knowing what he was going to start out with but not wanting to relive that pain.  She still loved this man; when she looked at him she could not help but remember what happened more than a year before.

JaKoby was aware of what she was thinking, pleaded “Please Chrys,  I would like to genuinely apologize for hurting you and let you know you are the only woman I truly loved.”

Chrys really did not want to venture there. The baby was sleepy peacefully.  Chrys closed her eyes and whispered, “okay JaKoby.”

JaKoby took a breath and thanked God for this opportunity.

JaKoby thought back, “I was dealing with trust issues. It really bothered me that your ex-husband showed up at your mom’s home to visit her. I kept visualizing him comforting you. I also thought of the fact that you would not be able to be with me for my birthday. I was immature Chrys. I was scared.  I made a mistake by allowing my insecurities to surface. I let Rhea take me out to dinner for my birthday and I wallowed in my misery by getting drunk. I was too drunk to drive so I allowed Rhea to take me home.  I allowed her to seduce me and,” He closed his eyes remembered the pain on Chrys face when she discovered them naked, “I hurt the only woman I loved. It was the biggest mistake of my life!”

Chrys gazed at him through her tears, “I forgive you JaKoby”.

“Thank you. It means so much to me to hear you say that”. He continued on.

“A few months later Rhea announced she was pregnant. After her announcement, I thought about everything that happened. I thought about how I hurt you and lost you. I loved you enough to let you go, and I only wanted you to be happy.”

Chrys was so upset remembering the pain and then imaging him proposing to Rhea. She wanted to scream at him but she restrained and claimly stated, “ So you decided to marry her to make me happy?”

“Chrys, I thought you would be happy without me, but yes, I decided to marry Rhea. That is until today.”

JaKoby glazed upon her tear stained face, “Do you really forgive me Chrys?”

“Yes Koby, I forgave you a long time ago,” she said quietly.

“Do you love me?”

She closed her eyes, the tears were flowing. “Yes she whimpered, I will always love you. You are the father of my child.”

“No Chrys. Do you love me for who I am; do you love me like a wife would love her husband?”

“Why Koby? Why are you doing this?” Koby stared at their sleeping child and then looked up.

“Because I love you and I want to marry you. I want to be a father to our daughter.”

When she didn’t answer, Koby pleaded again, “I promise you Chryslin, I will honor you, protect you, and I will never not trust you or give you a reason to mistrust me again.”

As Chrys closed her eyes she thought, this is what I wanted. This is why I came to the wedding, “Yes Koby, I love you. I love you as a wife would love her husband.”

When he leaned over to hug her he whispered in her ear, “Will you marry me?”

She opened her eyes and stared at him. She then saw the love, the promise, and the plea in his eyes. “Yes, yes I will become your wife. I love you Koby, I never stopped.”

Gathering her in his arms, he looked up and thanked god. “Lets get out of here.”

“ Would you mind if we went by mom and pop’s house? I want to share the news with them.”

“Sure, I would also like to go visit Dorian and Jackie.”

One the way to his parent’s house Koby was so happy and while Chrys chatted about the baby, his heart was full.

When he pulled up to the house he ran over to the passenger’s door to help Chrys out of the car and then he got the baby. Koby grabbed Chrys’s hand and walked together as a family to the front door. Koby’s mom answered the door and stood in awe looking back and forth between the baby, Chyrs, and Koby.  When she finally focused solely on the baby, she teared up because she knew she was staring at her first grand baby.

“Come in, come in!”

“Mom,” Koby smiled,” I want you to meet your first grand baby. This is Jamila.” “Of course, you remember Chrys, my fiancé.”

Koby’s mom had tears and confusion in her eyes but she was overjoyed because she knew Koby loved Chrys and that he prayed for their relationship.

Kobe whisper in his mom’s ear as they passed through the door, “I will tell you later.”

Jammell was so excited to be an uncle and he was tickled that Jamila’s name sounded so much like his. Koby’s dad and uncle Theodore were in still at Myrtle Beach golfing.

When Koby called Dorian to see if he and Jackie were going to be home because he had something important to tell them, Dorian became suspicious. Jackie was already upset about him marrying Rhea and D just didn’t want anymore surprises.

When they arrived at Dorian’s house, like always, he was outside to greet them. When he spotted Chrys he smiled but when he saw Koby reach back and get the baby he was stunned. Dorian met them half way and took the baby from Koby. “And who do we have here?”

Koby beamed, “This is your niece Jamila. Where is Jackie because Chrys and I have some wonderful new to share.”

“She is coming down. Come on in!”

Jackie was coming down the stairs when Dorian walked in carrying Jamila. Jackie gasped when she spied Koby and Chrys holding hands.

Chrys smiled, “Hey Girl!”

“Oh my God,” she exclaimed. She ran down the rest of the steps and hugged Chrys and then she took the baby from Dorian. “How old is she?”

Chrys smiled, “6 months.” Jackie’s eyes started to water, “How, when.” She was so happy.  As Chrys and Koby laughed he stated, “One question at a time Jackie Chan, but first I have an announcement to make.”

They all sat down and with a smile Koby informed them that he and Chrys were getting married. If Jackie was not still holding the baby she would have jumped for joy. She looked at Koby and he knew what she wanted to know. He calmly told Jackie that he just found out today. He also stated him and Rhea were history.

Jackie was thrilled and told them so. Chrys who was silent for most of the exchange said thank you and got up to hug Dorian and Jackie.

Kobe continued, “We still have a lot of things to work out, but we will let you know once we start making the plans.”

Jackie wanted to know, “will be you living here or Atlanta?”  Koby was silent and allowed Chrys to answer the question. “Here,” she simply said.

Kobe took the sleeping baby so that Jackie and Chrys could go have their ladies’ chat. This would also allow him to talk with Dorian. As the ladies headed towards the kitchen, Dorian prepared for what Koby might say.

Koby started, “ I ran into Chrys at the wedding D! Do you remember Jeff’s brother Andre?” When Dorian nodded Koby exclaimed, “He was Chrys’ ex-husband!”

Dorian almost yelled when he said, “What! no way! Are you serious?”

Koby rushed on, “D, you remember when we saw him in the club and he was bummed  because his wife just had a baby but she didn’t want him around? He was talking about Jamila. D, he was talking about my baby!”

Koby felt himself get angry when he thought about what Andre did to Chrys, “that punk is the one who hit Chrys. Not only that, he slept with Rhea that weekend!”

Dorian eyes got big, “what!”

Koby put the sleeping baby back in the car seat because the more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He also thought about all the trouble Rhea caused.

“Yea D, not only that but she planned to hook up with him today after the wedding. She told me some lame excuse that she just wanted to go home and reset.”

Dorian was speechless as he just shook his head, “How do you know all of this?”

“Because Chrys called his pager and we heard the message.”

“I have to tell your D, although I am pissed about Rhea, I am so happy I found out because now I not only have a beautiful daughter but I also have a second chance with Chrys and I am not going to blow it this time!”

In the kitchen Jackie hugged Chrys and stated, “I am so happy for you and Koby!”

Chrys smiled, “Thanks Jackie. You know I still loved Koby.”

“I did, but I did not know about the baby Chrys. Why didn’t you tell me? I am still in shock! I thought we were friends!”

“Jackie, please understand. I did not want you to have to keep this from Koby. I did not want to put you in that situation.”

Jackie nodded because she did understand, “You know Koby never stopped loving you right?” “He is a good guy who made some bad choices.”

“I know that Jackie. It took me a while to get over what he did, but when I had the baby, I would look at her and wish he was with us. Every time I looked at her, she reminded me of him. I forgave Koby along time ago and I was going to call him but I heard about him and Rhea. I got a little insecure and felt that she is who he really wanted.”

Jackie frowned but didn’t say anything. Chrys noted this and stated, “I know Jackie, I should have said sometime. I should have called him.”

“After I moved to Atlanta, in a moment of weakness, I slept with my ex-husband. After that, I was able to understand what happened between Koby and Rhea. I know that tramp seduced Koby while he was having trust issues. I also realize what he did was wrong, and alcohol is not an excuse for cheating. I forgave him because I love him.”

Jackie sighed, “Well the best thing now is he knows and now you’ll can become a family.”

Jackie and Chrys walked back in the room and Chrys whispered in Koby’s ear that she was ready to go home.  When Koby frowned she said, “No Koby, I want to go to our home.”

When they made it to the condo, Chrys hesitated at the door and took a deep breath. The last time she was here her heart was broken. Koby sensed her hesitation and grabbed her hand. “Chrys, I promise you, I will never make that mistake again!”

That night, before they went to bed Chrys told Koby they would be getting a new bed. He readily agreed. He was prepared to do anything to please her and make her happy. The healing process started while they talked about the past, present, and most importantly, their future.”


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