A New Paradigm – The American Dream (Universal Fantasy)

I remember as a young child my parents instilled in me the importance of education. I can remember after-school specials and icons like Bill Cosby encouraging kids to continue to seek higher education. This is the ticket to the “American Dream“, they proclaimed. Go to College, get a good job, buy a nice home, have kids, and retire.

Ten years ago, a college education opened doors or the lack of a college degree closed them.I remember interviewing with a company multiple times for one position thinking that I was the selected candidate. Unfortunately I was told I didn’t get the position because I didn’t have a bachelor’s degree.  My experience and my A.A.S was no match for another candidate with less experience but a four year degree. I didn’t have the family wealth needed to fund my education so I worked full-time, accepted student loans, and completed my bachelor’s degree.  By the time I finished, I had over 10 years of experience, therefore; in order to climb the “career ladder”, I have to obtain a master degree.  Unfortunately, my master’s degree isn’t from a Ivy league school, so I guess I bought a lemon!

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