Weight-loss: My Many Failures at a Healthier Me

The first week of on my weight-loss plan gave me clear indications what will help and what will impede my weight-loss and hinder my goal to a healthier me.With hindsight I can clearly see why each one of my previous attempts failed.

My first ever attempt at weight-loss was counting calories and doing Sweating to The Oldies the summer preceding my senior year in high school.This plan worked and I slimmed down just in time for senior pictures.This plan lasted all of my senior year but of course failed once I started college. I had more important things to worry about aside for weight.

My second attempt was in my early twenties.I lived across the street from a 24 hour Fitness so I joined. I even hired a young trainer who showed me quite a few techniques. This did not yield many results because my heart wasn’t in it. Again, I had more important things to worry.

My third attempt; I was still in my early twenties.I didn’t look as cute as I wanted, so I did something dangerous. I started eating only one meal a day. I made sure I ate at least 2400 calories during that single meal. I had amazing results but of course, this was fleeting and I was dating.There was no way I could keep up this steady one meal a day at the same time a day. This was certainly my first lose weight fast scheme.

My fourth attempt was after I was married.My husband and I wanted to lose weight so we started the Atkins diet. The Atkins diet worked for a while, we lost a lot of weight and we had more energy. Unfortunately,once you start eating carbs,the weight you lost comes back and brings friends.

My fifth attempt was two years ago.I did not start a diet but I did remove a lot of unhealthy foods and started working out.I believed I could just modify my eating and include my favorite “healthier” junk foods.I started to keep track of what I ate and how much I worked out on the SparkPeople Website.I even joined some teams on the website to assist with my weight-loss.This worked, I was amazed at the results.I was hitting the gym sometimes two times a day.I was riding my bike and walking.I even had a session with a Nutritionist to learn more about healthy foods.This plan lasted six months before I got sick. After I recovered I did not return to my routine,I just did not have the desire or motivation to.I believe I was just burnt out on from the extreme workouts and eating healthier junk food.I was also still drinking diet sodas and using Splenda in my tea. Consequently, this was,by far,my most successful attempt because I combined diet with fitness.I did learn some valuable lessons but I think the reason why I failed is because I was straddling both sides of the fence; in addition,I was doing too little of a healthier diet and too much of the fitness.

My sixth and “hopefully” final attempt is what I am doing today.I have completely removed all of the junk food from my home and have given up both red meat and soda.I now eat fruit and vegetables with every meal.If I need a snack, it will be a piece of fruit.This week I will be adding nuts and veggies to my snack list as well.I am trying to balance my diet with my fitness.I eat lighter (less calories) on break days and heavier (more calories)on workout days.Water is my main beverage, my secondary is Tea (no Splenda).I have a structured fitness plan that works within my schedule. Not only is weightloss a goal, but I have made health and fitness my number one priority for this year. I am starting to understand how diet and fitness work in weight-loss and weight management.A well known secret to weight-loss is documenting and tracking progress. Specifically, keeping food and fitness journal.I cannot have one foot in (still eating junk) and one foot out.I know that I will have to put in hard-work and research.I will need to recommit to my goal each week because there “will” be bad weeks,or an illness but I cannot let that stop me from my health and fitness goals.I have to be able to accept the failures and continue towards the goal which is a healthier me.

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