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My Weight-loss Journey rebooted – Kaiser Weight-loss Program

Over a year ago I started on a weight-loss journey but it was debunked when Life happened. This life event was terrifying and I started eating very unhealthy foods to deal with it.  I lost about 50 pounds but gain 30 back.  When the Life event (MY husband’s health failed) was over we both decided enough was enough, we had to take a drastic step. We decided to join the Kaiser Weight-Loss Program.  Yes this was a radical step but a must. It is medically supervised so I wasn’t concerned about the Health Risks.  We started this program November 29th, the day right after Thanksgiving.

The Program –  A lifestyle change (behavioral change) not a diet.
The Active Phase
16 Weeks of Meal-Replacements; 960 Cals/day
14 Weeks of Transitioning food back in; 1200 Cals/day
Weekly Meetings
Weekly checks of Blood Pressure and Weight
Monthly check-ups from your Weight-loss Doctor

The Lifestyle Phase
When you “graduate” from the Active Phase, you will enter the Lifestyle Phase which lasts a life-time if you so choose.
In this phase you will meet with your peers to get support. You can attend meetings as often as you like.

I am currently in week 14 of the first 16 weeks. The first week was a little tough because you miss food and your body is still craving it. We are suppose to drink a gallon of water a day, which is hard but I got through it. Although I committed to this program, what really solidified it was my 10 pounds weight-loss the first week. I was baffled because I didn’t know how well the program would work. My husband also lost 10 pounds which was exciting.

We decided to add a workout regimen to the program so we joined the Gym and started to do an hour cardio everything day. This decision enhanced our weight-loss. Every week we dropped between 7 pounds for him and 4-5 for me. In under 90 days, my husband has already lost 100 pounds and I have lost 60. I feel great and I have more energy then ever before. We have both increased our fitness program by adding strength training. Our classes are teaching us how to have a better relationship with food and do not reward yourself with food. We have learned nutrition and fitness goes hand-in-hand.
I am looking forward to adding food back in within the next two weeks and to begin a healthy relationship with food.  I am also looking to increasing the intensity of my fitness as more food is added.

This program does work if you stick with it and follow the guidelines. You definitely have to be in the right state of mind to truly commit to the program because if you don’t you will not see the results you hope for. I see this in the faces of my classmates that often cheat or have not added in fitness.

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