Weight-Loss: How do you make that change?

Obesity is a serious problem because it begets serious and fatal diseases. Unfortunately, companies make unhealthy foods taste better by design. Like an addict, knowing all of the facts didn’t help me initially make the necessary changes. Infact, I was obese for over 20 years. Year after year my doctors would tell me “You Need to Lose Weight”.  I tried different diets and fads which worked for months then life got in the way and I started eating unhealthy again.

Yes, we know now that successful and lasting weight-loss only happens when you make a Lifestyle change. Knowing what you need to do; how do you make the necessary change? Like all problems, you need to first identify the root cause. I can point out many reasons why my weight-loss was finally successful but the one thing that made the difference was identifying my triggers. Losing weight is wonderful but if you don’t deal with why or how you became obese you may never overcome obesity.

Consequently, discovering your triggers may be problematic. I know I never wanted to give up the foods I loved and it always seemed like an uphill battle because I am a food addict, I love the taste of good foods, and I am an emotional eater.  What is so difficult about overcoming all of my struggles is you need food to survive. Food addiction is not like drugs or alcohol or even smoking. Getting help for those vices are typically covered under a medical plan, there are non-profit helps groups, and society recognizes them as diseases. You can stop using drugs, drinking alcohol, or smoking and still continue to live. But you cannot stop eating food and survive.

Once you discover your triggers you then have to get rid of the excuses. I know there are many reason why you live an unhealthy life but if is up to you remove all obstacles in your way. It took me years to slowly remove my excuses and boy did I have them. Knowing why I eat and removing all the reason why I “couldn’t” put me in the “right mindset” to finally make that change and execute my weight-loss Plan.

My change progress
IMG_0006IMG_3508Teeha Version 2010IMG_0778

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  1. What an inspiring story of focus and determination! Your comments about shedding our excuses especially give me a lot to think about. Thanks for your good ideas!

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