Weightloss: Staying on track during a Vacation

Going on vacation can be both exciting and scary when you have started on a healthy journey.  On pasts vacations you may have said statements like “well I am on vacation”, or “this is my vacation” when you indulged. I know that is what I thought about when I was preparing for my 7 Days cruise. I was a bit anxious but I developed a plan before we even set sail. My plan involving taking my “go to food” which was  Quest Protein bars, locating the gym as soon as I boarded, and finding the healthy places to eat.

I packed two boxes of the Quest bars for me and two boxes of my husband’s protein bars. I also took a box of our favorite sweetener and my favorite tea. I wanted to make sure I never had to compromise during my meals. This worked great; between meals we ate a bar (if needed) and during the meals I used my tea and sweetener.

Once we boarded the ship we located the Gym and developed a schedule to workout based on the hours of operation. We also signed up for a TRX training class.  In addition, we found decks on the ship (6,7,8) that were perfect for walking. We worked out (cardio and strength training) 4 days out of the 7 in the Gym. The other times we got off  the ship and walked at least 3 miles and walked the decks after each meal. Surprisingly I averaged over 15K steps a day.

For our meals we decided to eat most of the time at the Horizon Buffet because we could control what we ate and the portion sizes. The Crown Grill (A steak house) was the only other place we went for dinner. We went there 4 out of the 7 days. We didn’t eat any appetizers or desserts. We both stuck with a protein and veggies.

Overall we did excellent on this cruise by incorporating our normal healthy routines into our cruise. We were very active and enjoyed ourselves.


Enjoying a healthy meal at the buffet


Walking on the Deck


Going for a walk

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