1 year progress of my Weight-loss Journey – Part 2.

varietyWhen it was getting close to transitioning to real food I was bit anxious and very excited. I was anxious because knowing about nutrition and healthy choices and selecting them are two different things. I have been down the healthy road before but this time I have the knowledge and support needed to truly eat healthy and implement portion controls. I was excited because it has been 16 weeks since I tasted real food and I was ready. It was amazing that for 4 months I was never hungry but I was looking forward that first oz of chicken.

Preparing for Transition 
To prepare I bought several 1 and 2 cups contains and portion control plate fillers. I also bought a lunch bag that came with pre-portioned containers. I planned to grill most of the meat and decided to use extra virgin olive oil for a cooking base when needed. I bought a digital measuring scale, more measuring spoons, and measuring cups.

To balance the added calories my husband and I decided to add hiking to our fitness program. We hiked every saturday at either Del Valle or Muir woods. The hikes started off with 2 miles then gradually progressed to 8 until the hiking season was over.

The Transition
The food would replace products week by week. When we started the program we had six products per day; so for the first week we had 4 ounces  of lean protein and 1/2 cup of veggies as one product replacement. We continued this process until real food replaced all products.

Nutrition Mixture of Fruits and veggies
I grill, measured and portioned the meat for the week on sundays. I also prepared a low fat egg casserole for breakfast. For lunch I walked down to Subway and ordered a 6″ wheat chicken sandwich or a salad or just went home and made a healthy lunch. My husband took his pre-portioned containers to work and used them at the salad bar. This helped him accurately measure his portions. I still ate six times a day; three main meals and two small snacks. For my first snack I had protein, veggies and  fruit. My favorite snack is peanut butter with carrots. My second snack was a protein bar or protein shake after my workouts.


Sunday Workout

I worked with my trainer two days a week, worked out at the gym at least three times a week and hiked on saturdays. I started to really notice how my endurance increased and workouts were easier. Unfortunately I stopped losing weight and was stuck for about three weeks. I noticed I was hungry multiple times a day so I increased my calories;  which restarted my weight-loss. Ken and I also participated in three 5K marathons which was a first for both of us.

During this phase I was able to test and modify combinations of foods and exercise to see which strategy fit my goals. In this phase I realized I was healthy. I was not hypertensive or  pre-diabetic. My back didn’t hurt and walking up stairs was a breeze. Even though I originally had a weight goal, after I reviewed my success I accepted this healthier me and changed my focus. My current goal is toning and weight-maintenance. You will able to read about the maintenance phase in my next installment.

Below are pictures of me during the transition phase IMG_0044


My First 5K






Last day of the Active Phase


Getting stronger and fit






Entering Maintenance Phase


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