Weight-loss: Don’t let your excuse hinder your weight loss!


Yes losing weight is hard. In fact, it may have been one of the hardest obstacles that I have overcome. I say this because I got in my own way for over 20 years. I would start a “diet” and do well for a few months then life and excuses tripped me up. There will always be something happening, something happened, or you just lost that loving feeling but you cannot let that deter you from obtaining or maintaining a healthier you. For me it was literally between life and death. I say that because I was pre-diabetic and hypertensive and still eating very bad foods at very large quantities. I felt awful and looked even worst. My eyes lost their luster and my smile was gone. I am genuinely a happy go lucky person but over the last few years that happiness turned to depression and sadness. Yes I had happy times and yes I was in a loving marriage but I still wasn’t happy and it showed. It seemed as though life always kicked me when I was down. I think I lost hope of a better tomorrow.

I have suffered from the lost of many loved ones, disappointments, stressful jobs, and layoffs. I almost excused my way into an early grave and I was digging that hole with every bad choice I made. Last year my husband and I decided it was time to do something and we did it. We had a heart to heart before we started this journey because I knew this was going to cost us a lot of money and that bothered me because we have a lot of student loan debt. (yea – we thought Master degrees would help finally obtain that “life”) . We agreed we needed to finally invest in ourselves and commit to this healthy lifestyle. I will admit that I was blessed that we were both doing this at the same time and that we were able to support each other. I have heard stories where the spouse doesn’t support the change and attempts to sabotage them. Finding a support team is crucial to your weigh-loss journey because you will falter, plateau, or just fail but with the team you will be able to get back up and keep going. This is a journey so bumps in the road should be expected.
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The change does not happen overnight. In addition some of the problems that helped add on the pounds won’t be resolved by the time the pounds come off. You just have to find better ways to deal with those problems or remove them from your life. I did a lot of soul searching and house cleaning in an attempt to work through the things that caused my unhappiness. I have removed unhealthy actives and added activities that will enhance my healthy lifestyle.

Getting healthier by adopting a healthy lifestyle takes hard work, research, dedication, and creativity. This is a JOURNEY and taking baby steps is a great way to start. Just remember your are the most important person in “your” life. 

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