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Coming Soon. This Love is Real

Terri is haunted by the tragedy behind her parent’s death and the rejection of love from her only surviving relative. While attempting to start a new life, her journey is jeopardized by trusting the wrong person. When tragedy strikes again, Can Terri move forward and accept the everlasting love and support she seeks?

Favorite Book Series: Hideaway

Rochelle Alers is the author of the Hideaway series.  Ms. Alers is a nationally recognized Bestselling Author; her first published book,  Careless Whispers was release in 1988. Since then she has written seven book series, the first of which is Hideaway. The Hideaway series was started with the book titled Hideaway,  is the story of Martin and Parris.  When Martin first laid eyes on Parris at their best friends’ wedding rehearsal it was love at first sight. Although Parris was certainly intrigued, because of her failed marriage, she halted all of Martin’s advances.  Not use to taking no for an answer or losing, Martin followed Parris only to rescue her from her deranged ex-husband. The dirty family secret was also first introduced in this book and later explained in the Best Keep Secrets Novel, which is the story of Samuel and Marguerite-Josefina (MJ), the parents of Martin.

The next three books, Heaven sent, Hidden Agenda, and Vows are the stories about the Cole brothers and family friend Mateo. The next series of books are stories about the Cole and Mateo’s children.  These books are
Secret Agenda
Stranger in my Arms
No Compromise
Private Passions
Just Before Dawn
Harvest Moon

As aforementioned, Best Kept Secrets is the prequel;  the story about Samuel and MJ.  This story not only reveals the details of the dirty family secret but it also ties together the reason behind the Cole family dynamics.  In Best Kept Secrets, fans will enjoy reading about the young and determined Sammy and free-spirited MJ.

The Hideaway Series is a must read, For more information visit the author’s website

A New Paradigm – The American Dream (Universal Fantasy)

I remember as a young child my parents instilled in me the importance of education. I can remember after-school specials and icons like Bill Cosby encouraging kids to continue to seek higher education. This is the ticket to the “American Dream“, they proclaimed. Go to College, get a good job, buy a nice home, have kids, and retire.

Ten years ago, a college education opened doors or the lack of a college degree closed them.I remember interviewing with a company multiple times for one position thinking that I was the selected candidate. Unfortunately I was told I didn’t get the position because I didn’t have a bachelor’s degree.  My experience and my A.A.S was no match for another candidate with less experience but a four year degree. I didn’t have the family wealth needed to fund my education so I worked full-time, accepted student loans, and completed my bachelor’s degree.  By the time I finished, I had over 10 years of experience, therefore; in order to climb the “career ladder”, I have to obtain a master degree.  Unfortunately, my master’s degree isn’t from a Ivy league school, so I guess I bought a lemon!

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