This Love is real - book 1

Terri and Sonya are best friends Who met in their freshman year. Terri wanted financial security, While Sonya had her own career goals. It was love at first sight for Sonya, but it caused Terri to question what she really wanted. Then tragedy struck and it took years for them to each realize they had true love.

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This Love is real - book 2

Sonya believed marrying the love of her life and becoming a surgeon was the key to her happiness. Unfortunately, that happiness was threatened by choices her wife makes, and Sonya begins doubting Terri’s love.

Terri’s reaction to misfortunes impacts how she loves her wife and jeopardizes her happiness in marrying Sonya. 

Can Sonya and Terri’s love overcome mistrust and misfortunes to save their marriage, or will outside forces irrevocably damage the love they found. Can true love be the tie that binds them for a lifetime? 

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