Dark Cloud Series

Dangerously Betrayed

Terri and Eryn were in NYC for an event. Eryn was excited to celebrate with her best friend until someone from her past called. Against her better judgment, she secretly met the one man who almost ruined her life, not knowing of his sinister motives.

Paul was running out of time, and his only hope was his ex-wife, Eryn. He knew borrowing money from a Don wasn’t good, but he had no choice. When Eryn refused to help, he took extreme measures to save his own life while risking Eryn’s and the lives of her family and friends.

Fatal Betrayal

Terri and her friends narrowly escaped the clutches of a madman, only to be hunted for that very reason.

Caruso is so hell-bent on vengeance and recapturing the women that he unknowingly walks into a trap. Can he and his goons extract the revenge he desperately wants, or will Ed’s team successfully eliminate the threat to their lives?

Find out if Ed’s team comes out victorious or if they fall prey to Caruso’s twisted plan.

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