Kindle Vella

This Love is real - book 1

Terri and Sonya are best friends Who met in their freshman year. Terri wanted financial security, While Sonya had her own career goals. It was love at first sight for Sonya, but it caused Terri to question what she really wanted. Then tragedy struck and it took years for them to each realize they had true love.

Stranger in the mirror

Terri woke up not knowing who she was and was told she was a superstar and married to a woman. Terri hated who she was before she woke up and set on a journey to dispel all the fame and divorce that pesky wife… However, Terri reconsidered the fame once she got a taste of the music and discovered she loved the money, the fame, the fans, and the man…

Ed Jones Chronicles

ED came from a middle-class home until his father, William, lost his truck driving job, forcing his family to move to the slums in Detroit. Ed was always angry and felt like an outsider and got into multiple fights until his father took his own life. Through Ed’s journey, he experienced many trials and tribulations; the chronicles are his stories.