Kindle Vella

F/F Romance

Love's Melody

Nicole was heartbroken when the woman she loves gets married. But she gets another chance at love when she meets Olivia who is just the right person to make her heart sing.

Stranger in the mirror

Terri woke up not knowing who she was and was told she was a superstar and married to a woman. Terri hated who she was before she woke up and set on a journey to dispel all the fame and divorce that pesky wife… However, Terri reconsidered the fame once she got a taste of the music and discovered she loved the money, the fame, the fans, and the man…

This Love is Real - Book 2

Terri and Sonya are graduating college and planning to start their new lives. Sonya is heading to medical school, while Terri must choose between following Sonya, going home to work with Eryn, or leaving with Mike and working in Colorado with the R&D team. Sonya is hopelessly in love with Terri, but Terri is conflicted about her feelings. Will Sonya be able to convince Terri to take a chance on love?

This Love Is Real Christmas

Christmas Stories of the couples from This Love is Real including fan favorites Terri and Sonya.

This Love is Real Valentine's

Valentine’s Stories of the couples from This Love is Real including fan favorites Terri and Sonya.

M/M Romance

Match Mated By Fate

Miriam Yancy grew up in a strict Christian foster home without knowing her parents. Being mixed race with light skin and blue eyes made her a target of bullying, despite her intelligence. She fell in love with Johnathon while studying together, but their relationship ended when his mother disapproved of Miriam’s beliefs. Years later, they have a chance encounter that could lead them to a lifelong connection.

One Like No Other

When she was an infant, someone left Juliette at a firehouse. She didn’t let circumstances stop her from being all she could be by joining the military as a nurse. Wilbert was born into a legacy of surgeons. From an early age, his grandfather supported his quest to follow in his father’s footsteps, but when Wilbert brought home Juliette, a girl with no heritage, Grandfather Franklin disapproved. Wilbert must decide if love is enough to ignore his dying grandfather’s wishes.

Thinking About Your Love

Sean was completing his final year as a neuro fellow and not looking for love, but he couldn’t forget meeting the brown eyes beauty with the heart of gold. Unfortunately, something stopped him from fully committing to her. Nyasha was a rising boxing star with her eyes on the championship belt. When she met Sean, she knew he was the one until he told her about his disdain for her profession. Will Sean change his heart and bridge the distance to claim the woman he loves?

Thriller/ Mystery

Whispers of Peril Season 1

Ed and Maya Jones team up to solve cases. She is in the FBI and helps Ed, Pete, and Craig when they need a female decoy or backup. Ed, Pete Hendrix, and Craig Weaver own a security company that provides the following services: investigations, protection, surveillance, and search and rescue. Season One is the case of the Red Cap Bandit.

Enemies Fatal Revenge

This is the fourth book in the Dark Cloud Series. Freddie Jenkins’ family is in danger because of bad blood from a rival gang he was in over thirty years ago. When Freddie walked away and changed his life, his enemies sought to destroy him. Decades later, Freddie’s daughter Terri crossed paths with his enemies, which ignited a war between his family and the thugs hell-bent on killing everyone that he loves.

Fatal Solution

This is the fifth book in the Dark Cloud Series. Freddie teams up with Craig, Ed, and Pete to start a security firm. They plan to use this company to mitigate threats against their loved ones and clients. Freddie’s secret weapon is deep cover behind enemy lines. Ed’s team, Maya, and the FBI eliminated their enemies only to beget more enemies in their place. Can this elite team finally take down the criminal masterminds behind the Vultures?

Enemies Final Dance

This is the six and final book of the Dark Cloud Series It’s been two years since Terri and Eryn’s enemies were defeated, and they have all returned to their normal way of life. Terri had her farewell concert and then joined her wife, Sonya, in medical research. They vowed to live life to its fullest since tomorrow is never promised. Everything is going well for everybody, just as it should be. What remains to be seen is how long it lasts.

Ed Jones Chronicles

ED came from a middle-class home until his father, William, lost his truck driving job, forcing his family to move to the slums in Detroit. Ed was always angry and felt like an outsider and got into multiple fights until his father took his own life. Through Ed’s journey, he experienced many trials and tribulations; the chronicles are his stories.


Stranded On A Shipwreck of Life

A young teenager experienced a devastating loss when her mother passed away. Her life was turned upside down as she struggled to find stability and a sense of belonging. She lost her will to live, feeling lost and alone. However, she discovered a passion for writing, which became a source of solace and a way to process her emotions. Through writing, she was able to find a sense of purpose and begin to rebuild her life. Writing became her sanctuary, helped her to heal, and fine hope.