When my mother died, I was lost. I used Poetry to sooth my heart-ache.  I stopped writing a few years ago but now I started writing again.


Collateral damage (2018) 

When Nobody puts you first
Collateral damage
When work nearly drives you insane
Collateral damage
I Ignited a fuse
Collateral damage
Family wants me to walk away
but I refuse.
Collateral damage
Worked so hard just to get ahead,
Collateral damage
Never believed a word I said
Collateral damage
Three strikes and this thing is dead
Collateral damage
All the tears no longer shed
Collateral damage

No Goodbyes (1998) – (This was a poem I wrote for my Father’s Funeral. I read it at my Uncle Jerry’s Funeral.) 

As I was rising from my Youth
I experienced many painful truths.
When life was just a simple thing
I realized what trials life could bring.
From color-lines to sleepless nights,
the strength I had prepared my life.

Though many times I fell astray,
The love I had still lit the way
With my family strong and God nearby,
I accomplished what the world denied.
To love one time then love again,
stemmed from the love I had within.

To see my children as they grow,
to hold their hand so they should know;
don’t cry for me before I go.
Just see the peace upon my face, and know I am in my resting place.
Believe my memory will survive, as long as our love stays alive.


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