This Love is Real Novella Series

This Love is Real Prequel

They say best friends make the best lovers.. but Sonya wants more……..

Terri and Sonya are best friends who met during their freshman year of college. Terri wanted financial security, while Sonya had her own career goals. It was love at first sight for Sonya, but it caused Terri to question what she really wanted. But then tragedy struck and nearly a decade passed before Sonya finally confronted Terri and confessed her love.

Can Terri overcome her fears and accept the love she craves, or will her past stand in the way?

Will Sonya’s fear of losing Terri come true? Or will Eryn be the one that comes between Sonya and her one true love?

This Love is Real Part 1

Sonya finally got the night she wanted with Terri but then morning came.

Terri was so overwhelmed by her attraction for Sonya that in her confusion she ran away to New York to pursue her dreams.

Sonya, not deterred by Terri’s refusal to accept their love, heads to New York City to reignite their passion.

This Love is Real Part 2

Sonya finally earned Terri’s love, and they were happy until a twist of fate forced them apart. Sonya must then grapple with the possibility of losing the love of her life forever.

When Terri’s life is turned upside down, something in her shifts and changes her. Will these changes affect her loved ones? Will she still want the life she had with Sonya?

Find out in This Love is Real Part 2

This Love is Real Book 2