This Love is Real Origins Series

This Love is Real - The Beginning

Terri was angry about her current situation. As she was heading to her little oasis on campus, she collided with a woman who took her breath away. Terri wasn’t prepared to feel such a potent attraction to another woman.

Sonya was excited to begin a new chapter in her life away from her mother’s critical eye. When she bumped into a beautiful woman, Sonya was not expecting to feel knocked off balance.

Before Terri could come to terms with her feelings for Sonya, she fell into a dangerous situation with dire consequences….

This story is the beginning of Terri and Sonya’s great love story portrayed in This Love is Real Novella Series.

This Love is Real Origins Book 2

Terri and Sonya are graduating college and planning to start their new lives. Sonya is heading to medical school, while Terri must choose between following Sonya, going home to work with Eryn, or leaving with Mike and working in Colorado with the R&D team. Sonya is hopelessly in love with Terri, but Terri is conflicted about her feelings. Will Sonya be able to convince Terri to take a chance on love?