If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk is a compilation of stories from women who have received beauty for ashes. They were left traumatized and broken by adverse childhood experiences. Their wounds were not inflicted by someone they were unfamiliar with. They were inflicted by those who were supposed to protect them. Mentally, emotionally and physically, they carried wounds that required faith to do the inner work in order to heal. The authors open up about how the traumatic experiences negatively impacted their lives, leading them down some dark roads, but they changed courses and rewrote the narrative despite it all. 

Once we know of hindrances, we can heal what has held us back. We can overcome obstacles when made aware of them. The stories shared in this book are a mirror to look into, reflecting generations of hurt that continue to be passed down when we do not do the work. Forgiving and forgetting does not help when our body keeps score. While it may seem as if you are okay, unaddressed pain manifests as different physical ailments. Consider this project the eye-opener you need to begin your healing journey. Read stories of neglect, rejection, narcissistic abuse, molestation & more. 

The authors took back their voices and used them to tell the stories the walls held for decades. The more they shared, the freer they became. If you seek the courage to break free from the prison of silence, this book is for you. You owe it to yourself to tell your story, reclaim your voice, and restore your soul. Don’t miss these triumphant stories of overcoming the pain of the past, healing, and uncovering purpose.

The Miseducation of Becoming an Adult: Compounded Stories from Real People and Real Events

Growing up many of us will go through a lot of different things in life that will help shape and mold us into success adults. Experience will teach us things we cant learn about within a classroom. The real world is something you have to endure.
This work of art was designed to help spread light on various obstacles you will face while maturing. The topics in this book features 13 authors writing on their real life experiences on the following topics:

– Moving Away from home
– Becoming an Parent
– Entrepreneurship/Careers
– Depression & Suicide
– Death of a loved one
– Home-ownership

Each story is tailored, made to adapt to the minds of young adults. Our goal is to enlighten the upcoming generation on what has been cycling over the last 10 years, in hopes of getting them prepared for what is to come. The Miseducation of Becoming an Adult is presented by Phenomenal Expressions; a business that teaches you to be expressive in your beliefs, goals and motives.

The Chain Breaking Experience Volume 1: Celebrating Chains Being Broken

There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain. God is going to break every chain that has been holding you back, captive and bondage. This is your winning season.